Veterans shouldn’t be on waiting lists

They have now found that 1700 veterans in Phoenix were never placed on a waiting list while awaiting care. How many of these have been forgotten or how many have suffered because of no care. It was reported Wednesday in a primarily report that they purposely were manipulating wait lists and appointment schedules. This problem didn’t start under Obama but they have done nothing to fix a growing problem within the VA. Obama while speaking yesterday at West Point failed to even mention this widening problem.


One of the reasons for this lists, is wait times are connected to bonuses and raises. So they put veterans at risk for to make sure they got paid while harming those we promised to help. Whether Secretary Shinseki knew about these problems before taking the job and did nothing to fix them is another question. Did he receive orders from above to stay quiet, while in their words trying to fix the problem. The reports of Shinseki’s job being on the line by the White House, that now Obama seems to care about the problem they have known about since 2009.




In one sampling the VA officially had wait times for 226 random patients at 24 days, the report said it was 115 days. Four months can make a big difference in treatment for a serious medical condition. Shinseki said the following about the report, “I have reviewed the interim report, and the findings are reprehensible to me, to this department, and to veterans. I am directing that the Phoenix VA Health Care System immediately triage each of the 1,700 Veterans identified by the [inspector general] to bring them timely care.” A little too late for these Veterans to receive timely care.


It seems clear now they don’t have our Veterans back at the administration level of the VA. The problem is systemic throughout the system, Phoenix isn’t alone in this despicable actions against our Veterans. Those who have served deserve better than this, they deserve proper care as we promised them. Whether Shinseki stays or goes, they need to clean up their act and quickly.


Update: Secretary Shinseki resigned today, we thank him for his service to this country. It was time and we need some fresh eyes for this horrible nightmare at the Veteran’s Administration.


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2 thoughts on “Veterans shouldn’t be on waiting lists

  1. Let there be no doubt that the Administration does not support anything military, especially the people involved with the military. What blows me away that so many people believe what this empty suit continues to spout. His efforts to clean up the VA will start right after he finishes cleaning up the IRS and NSA.

    • I’ve had dealings with the Phoenix VA with my grandfather and had problems long before Obama. You are correct in his lack of appreciation for our military and that goes directly to why this problem was being ignored. The problem is throughout the VA hospital system and its doubtful Obama will do much to fix the problem.

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