Rolling Stone Article Supports Planks Of Communism

I came across this article in Rolling Stone by Jesse A. Myerson, Five Economic Reforms Millennials Should Be Fighting For. These five things the article talks about are five of the planks of Communism, not sure most millennials even understand that. They should speak with people living here from these former Communist nations to get a better understanding of what they are asking for.

communist manifesto


Guaranteed Work For Everyone

Even during the depression with the government supplying all those jobs there wasn’t enough to go around. The other question he doesn’t answer is who is going to pay, remembering public jobs cost taxpayers money. Paying more than Wal-Mart would drive people to the public sector jobs because of the perks we give to government workers. When you increase labor costs for his living wages for everyone, the cost of paying people more will be directly felt by everyone in the cost of everything going up. Those low paying jobs were meant to be starter jobs, no skills and not anyone’s career.


Social Security For All

My answer to this question is simple, Who is going to pay for it? Nobody wishes people to be poor but in an already growing deficit how could you even makes this work?


Take Back The Land

The most scariest of the five things, when someone even suggests taking something that doesn’t belong to them. One of the major planks of Communism is control of the land, they should learn  about what Stalin did when he took farmers land in the Soviet Union. Could you imagine not owning your property? The government being able to stop you from doing anything on your land they didn’t approve of. The article basically talks about collectivism for land owners, something Stalin did and we don’t need. Just like the fourth item this is redistributing wealth, another communist idea.


Make Everything Owned By Everyone

This is just another idea of redistribution of wealth, the deal in Alaska is about the pipeline and the oil companies agreed to it. It wasn’t the state buying up any assets or forcing some company to pay everyone. If someone makes something of his company or idea, it should be left to them to decide who they give their hard-earned money to. We see what happens with collectivism with welfare today, some need the help but others use it to do nothing.


Public Bank In Every State

This one could be a good idea, I despise the Federal Reserve system but wouldn’t want just state-run banks. We don’t like monopolies and wouldn’t want one in banking either, part of why I dislike the FED. It could promote business through lower interest loans like in North Dakota but shouldn’t be the only bank we have in a state. Competition could breed better rates for savers, lower interest loans but would reserve final judgement until it was implemented. Like all government-run things, there is always bumps in the road.

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