Regulatory Nightmare

The EPA announced new regulations on power plants by mandating a 30 percent cut in emissions by 2030. The 645 page rule was done through the EPA because congress wouldn’t pass cap-and-trade. Obama’s climate change agenda is somehow not taking into the effect these rules have on people economically. His hope this will cause other nations, namely China and India to somehow do the same. China who now is the largest polluter by far, has shown little or no signs of doing any sort of major pollution controls. We could stop burning all bad fossil fuels tomorrow and globally it would make no difference, if you believe we are the cause for this problem.


The coal industry, along with the chamber of commerce say this will cost us jobs and higher prices for energy. These rules will most certainly cause some plants to close, costing jobs and require people to buy more expensive alternative power. Does the EPA or Obama consider these facts when presenting these new regulations or does their climate change trump hurting the poor economically? Nobody wants to be burning these more polluting energy sources but the alternatives are expensive and not as efficient. Shouldn’t somebody ask Obama about the economic effects of these rules, you would think somebody would.


The Chamber of Commerce is predicting these rules could cost 224,000 thousand jobs and 50 billion in added cost. If those numbers are correct, who do you think will be paying those added costs? How many people will need to seek more government assistance because their energy bills start to skyrocket? This will certainly effect poorer states and those who rely more on coal fire generating plants for energy. Coal is what supplies 40% of our energy, the goal of Obama and the EPA ย is to close many of these plants as possible. The alternatives aren’t ready to replace what coal does for this country, they will cost us more and directly hurt our poorest citizens.


One thing has also hurt this economy over the past decade, the higher cost of energy and these rules won’t help that. When energy is cheaper, its makes everything else cheaper and helps business’s grow. Think of how much this country transport daily, that can’t be accomplished by wind and solar alone.

We need more investment in research for these cleaner technologies, to find the alternatives that will work. We could replace every car to run on electric but something has to power the electricity. Try coming up with a plan that can help protect the environment without costing us jobs and money.



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  1. May the Lord reward the tyrannical socialist in the White House according to his deeds!

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