Obama Still Denying IRS Scandal

In his interview with Bill O’Reilly on Super Bowl Sunday, Once again Obama claimed there was no corruption in the targeting of conservative groups. The questions around the targeting have never been fully answered, so how can he even claim that? The mere fact that some groups have waited much longer than necessary for approval or disapproval is suspicious. The targeting was dreamed up by those lower on the food chain at the IRS, the question is who gave them the plan?


Lois Lerner who is the chief architect of this at the IRS has never fully answered the questions behind the targeting. The President to say there isn’t a smidgen of corruption doesn’t really line up with the facts. I have read one of the questionnaires sent by the IRS, many of the questions target the people who are politically active who are members. The questions really had nothing to do with the status of these non-profits, it smelled more political than just researching what their tax status should be.


Nobody is even saying all these groups should be granted tax exempt status because they applied for it. The problem is all groups should be treated equally and clearly that’s not what happened in this case. The targeting seems politically motivated and nobody goes down this path without orders from above. It may go no higher than Lerner but seems unlikely she would take such a risky plan on her own. Look at how the administration has protected her, if this was just her idea why would they protect her?

Truth is Treason

No group should be targeted for political reasons no matter what, it shouldn’t matter their politically beliefs. They either deserve tax exempt status or they don’t and delaying for political reasons is corruption. It also doesn’t matter who the President is or what party they belong to, government is supposed to be neutral. We have seen in this case that the governments neutrality has been compromised. The question is who gave those orders to target these groups?


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3 thoughts on “Obama Still Denying IRS Scandal

  1. I agree. A good O’Reilly question would have been about Obama supporting Lerner’s taking the 5th while in Obama’s touchstone of transparency and rule of law Administration.

    • I understand she has the right to take the fifth, however most people who do are usually protecting something they did wrong. That would have been a good question for O’Reilly to ask, why did she need to take the fifth if there was no corruption?

  2. The Federal government has no right to determine tax exempt status period. That right belongs to the individual states. The Internal Revenue Service needs to be eliminated as it exists now and a flat tax put in place to fund the legitimate needs of the Federal government as defined by the Constitution of the United States. No more Departments of Energy, Education, Environmental Protection Agency, etc.

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