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 Obama is shifting again back to comprehensive immigration reform to get everyone’s mind of the mess of the health care law. Obama has wanted the house to pass s.744 ever since the Senate passed the bill earlier this year. The house rarely ever passes something from the Senate as is, this doesn’t matter who is control of the Senate or the house. House leadership wants this done with several pieces of legislation instead of one bill. There are also many who in the house who don’t like the Senates bill, many others who just don’t trust the federal government to enforce our immigration laws. You can read an outline of the Senates bill at American Immigration Council.

 This mistrust comes solely from the 1986 amnesty bill that Reagan signed, they didn’t enforce the parts that could have prevented much of our current problem. The question by many is why should anybody trust them now over then? While parts of the law are good, still have a problem with granting citizenship to people who knowingly broke the law. No American citizen is given a choice of which laws not to follow, there is consequences to those actions of violating our laws. This bill in the end gives them a slap on the wrist and eventually full citizenship for violating our immigration policy.

remember 1986

 The house way seems like a more sound approach, however I still don’t believe in a pathway to citizenship for violating immigration law. Those born here or brought as a child can be something worth talking about, a one time pass for solid enforcement. This would only apply to themselves and no extended family like current law allows. That would be my trade if I was in the house, citizenship for those who didn’t make that choice to come here illegally for tougher enforcement. If the federal government doesn’t get a tougher enforcement policy on illegal immigration will be right back here again in 30 years. If there are no consequences of violating the law, then why go through the legal immigration system and wait until amnesty rolls around again.

 I would support the overhaul of the visa system, for the agriculture workers and for students. This would also come with stricter enforcement policy of people who violate our laws and over stay their visa. The true measure of any of these reforms is enforcement, if the federal government ignores this part the reforms become meaningless. If people who are here illegally and wish to become citizens they must return to their country of origin to apply for citizenship. This is something else that does need reform as well, it shouldn’t require a lawyer and take forever to gain citizenship. Nobody is talking about keeping immigrants out, we just want legal immigrants at a rate our economy and jobs can absorb.

 Border security is one part of the senates bill that most people should be in favor of, the question is would they enforce it. The border security measures of the 1986 bill were never met and have led to our current issues on the border. The added border patrol, fencing and other equipment to help border patrol protect the border is a good idea. This must be the first thing passed, it will take time to add the personnel and start moving forward on improving the border fence.

 Those adults who entered this country illegally should never be granted citizenship without returning to their home country and applying like anyone else. Without enforcement of our laws, what is the point in having them? Paying a fine is no consequence of violating our immigration laws, they are in place for a reason. The first job of the federal government is to protect Americans, this includes not overburdening the job market. Immigrants are needed, the flow of immigrants must meet the needs of the workforce.

 Obama is among many who say by granting people who are here illegally the right to stay will create more revenue and cut the deficit. His track record with the truth should leave doubt in everybody’s mind about that. They would like anything to get the focus off Obamacare and the endless nightmare its causing for the administration.

2 thoughts on “Immigration Reform

  1. When children are found in the car with parents driving under the influence, the parents are charged with child abuse among other things. Likewise when children are left locked in a hot car, or not being restrained with the car is in motion. Why aren’t the illegal alien parents charged with child abuse when they have knowingly put their children at risk when illegally smuggling them into the United States? Shouldn’t it be child abuse to bring a child into the world while you are hiding in the shadows because you are breaking the law? People that have come into the country illegally should be removed from the country, let alone given a simple path to citizenship.

  2. I am for not allowing any new applications for citizenship. Lock the system down, process those who have already submitted applications, and not allow any new paperwork until we have this immigration mess sorted out! All those who have had their ID’s stolen, family members murdered by illegal Mexicans
    , and crippled or killed by drunken Mexican drivers deserve justice! It’s time we stop supplying illegal Mexicans with healthcare and Spanish language on ATM’s and every piece of paperwork. It’s time they return to their own crooked country and straighten it out. It’s time to get rid of every crooked politician like McCain and Flake who vote for them to get more benefits, etc.

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