Boehner Attacks Conservative Groups

Nobody should be surprised by this

The budget deals really solves nothing except keeping the government from shutting down. His attack on the Tea Party and other Conservative groups who are looking for a bigger deal isn’t really surprising. The liberal media has been pounding on Boehner for two years and he finally caved to the pressure by attacking those who made him speaker. The Democrats will never be for cuts in spending, only in taking more money to spend how government deems necessary. Boehner isn’t alone in caving here, in the end the bigger government Republicans showed their hand in this deal.


The liberal media is of coursed loving this, claiming victory of those they call extremists with Boehner blasting them. Nobody is using your members just for their goals, they just see government in a different light. Those opposed wish to see government reign in spending, not just in discretionary spending but all spending. Boehner blames the so-called right-wing for the shutdown, well the president didn’t really help and nothing bad really happened. The GDP for the quarter was higher than it had been in years, how does anybody explain that.


They call this one of the worst congresses because they haven’t done very much in passing bills. You could argue that makes them a better congress, they do  less damage by doing nothing. In another statement Boehner said the following.

“I think they’re pushing our members in places where they don’t want to be,” he said. “And frankly, I just think that they’ve lost all credibility.”

  No John, you have lost all credibility with the people who helped make you speaker


The question for Speaker Boehner is how will this deal help our deficit spending problem? While he’s put a smile on all the Democrats and the media, the problem of our deficit hasn’t diminished. Maybe they need another lesson of what Democratic control of all three branches looks like again. Could you think of the nightmare of Obama in his last two years of office with Democrats in control of congress? The thought of that should scare anybody who doesn’t agree with the President and this should include Boehner.


Boehner should remember one more thing, without these groups he wouldn’t be speaker and they wouldn’t be in charge of the house. It stopped many more nightmares from the Obama administration the past two years. The problem is without a bigger deal, kicking this down the road only leads to more heartache later. Boehner may regret this outburst, he certainly Conservatives very upset last week.

2 thoughts on “Boehner Attacks Conservative Groups

  1. Let’s pray that Boehner gets dumped after this next election and that we get a real conservative at the helm.

    • Boehner for sure needs to go as Speaker and we could certainly use a real Conservative at the helm moving forward. Nothing like pissing off the people who helped make you speaker in the first place.

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