Arizona’s SB1062

Going to start out with that the bill should be unnecessary in the first place, A business should have a right to refuse service for whatever reason. freedom

The supporter of SB1062 say it’s about religious freedom, I would say you already have it. It’s the courts and government that are preventing business from acting on their religious freedom. Will there always be people who will take that freedom to the extreme, of course that will happen. The question is does government have the right to control that freedom? Does a business have to bake that cake for something they find morally offensive, the answer should be no. The reason is Freedom, it can be messy but everyone should be allowed to express that freedom without hindrance or restraint. Here is Senator Al Melvin defending the bill on CNN


What we are hearing is the typical, racist, hate and so on from those who are vocally opposing this bill. The actions of people or a business should be up to the people to correct and not the government. If a business discriminates against you, spread the word, tell your friends not to shop there and hurt them where it counts. I don’t believe in separate bathrooms, drinking fountains, lunch counters those things are of the past. if someone wants you do something that offends you or do something that you find morally wrong, why must you do that? The true answer is shouldn’t have too.



My example would be this, I print T-shirts and somebody comes into my business seeking to do something I find offensive. They are pro-life and wish to say something on a T-shirt that I refuse to print. Should I really be required to print something because government tells me so or some lawyer will sue. The true answer should be that I have the right to refuse without any legal repercussions if people really believed in freedom. The only repercussions should come from the people who will choose not to use my business because of my choices.


People have lost the true meaning of freedom, put in its place the theory of equality through government coercion. If government is controlling speech, action or thought through force, then we aren’t truly free. I hope she vetoes this bill, not for the same reasons of most people.


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2 thoughts on “Arizona’s SB1062

  1. I agree with you! It’s time legislators stopped making rules to govern every aspect of our lives. People fail to see that every law passed is another limitation of our freedom even if the law appears to be virtuous on the surface. Laws affecting moral decisions made by businesses are not the purview of local, state, or federal legislative bodies.

    • I think you are right about people not really understanding how more laws are the way to go. Those moral decisions should be left to the people and not dictated by government how they should behave.

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