APS Looking For Changes To Solar Policy

Looking to cut payments to solar generated power


APS is looking to cut they payment to customers who generate extra solar power back into grid which in Arizona is called net metering. They have admitted to sending funds to a National group that to run anti-solar ads after denying it on different occasions. Arizona’s net metering policy was put in place in 2009, it allows home owners and business’s that generate extra power to receive 15 cents per kilowatt put back into the grid. APS is looking for a cut to 4 to 10 cents per kilowatt, this of course would add cost to people using solar now and in the future.


They have been trying to influence politicians here in Arizona using several groups and lobbyists like 60plus.  Prosper is another group fighting against net metering and Kirk Adams former Arizona speaker of the house is involved with this group. There are two dominant players in the energy sector in Arizona, APS and SRP and its apparent that APS is going after solar users. The loss of those cents per kilowatt may make solar not affordable for the ones using solar and certainly less attractive to those looking into getting solar. Since these changes can only be done by the Arizona Corporation Commission, APS has been lobbying to the commission and other politicians.


APS spokesman McDonald also brushed aside the suggestion. “APS is a company that has a reputation for dealing with everybody in a very upfront and open way. We have a reputation in this community that has been built over a hundred years,” he said. “We’re not going to do anything to jeopardize that reputation.”  Arizona is a great place for solar if you can afford the upfront cost, APS is attempting to make solar less attractive.

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 There has already been an accusation by Wil Cardons campaign who is running for Secretary of State against Justin Pierce. Pierces father Gary Pierce sits on the ACC and they have accused both APS and the lobbying groups of supporting Pierce to gain favor with his father. All are denying everything about trying to influence Gary Pierce by supporting his son for Secretary of State.


Gary Pierce has publicly stated that his mind isn’t made up one way or the other, he’s requested more information from both sides of this issue. He has stated his goal is to get things right for the ratepayers and a policy that will work for years to come. This isn’t about subsidizing solar, more like trying to make it less attractive to people wishing to install solar. We need an all above approach to our energy policy, one that seeks more private sector involvement than government. Anything that creates more energy without using tax dollars is never a bad thing.

2 thoughts on “APS Looking For Changes To Solar Policy

  1. As an APS employee when the home solar subsidy started, and now as an ex-APS employee, it was apparent to me that non-solar customers were subsidizing the home solar system buyer at the time of purchase and through the system’s life. The more well off people who could afford to get the subsidy were getting it from the less well-off people who couldn’t afford to purchase a home solar system. I am an all of the above for sources of energy but want all the subsidies and tax credits to go away.

    • I totally agree with you about the subsidies for the installation of the solar, that does put more burden on those who don’t use solar. That part does need to go away, my question would be if those tax credits and subsidies didn’t exist, how many people would get solar? Just don’t like the back alley deals, If you think you need to cut the rate people are paid for their excess power than make your case. When they do it behind the scenes or in secret makes it harder to support whatever their argument is.

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